The Ultimate Guide to AI Generated Models + Recommended Tools

October 13, 2023
digital human figure generated from a mannequin


Among many rapidly transforming applications stemmed from Artificial Intelligence, AI-generated models, also widely used as the “digital fashion/clothing models”, are taking the spotlight. These digital models, created and customized using advanced AI algorithms, are revolutionizing the way clothing is designed, marketed, and sold.

In this blog, we will delve into the applications, benefits, real-world examples, and recommended tools for AI models in the fashion industry.

Table of Contents

Introduction to AI models

  • What are AI generated models
  • What are AI models commonly used for

Benefits of using AI generated models

  • For the fashion e-commerce industry
  • For the fashion design industry

Real-world examples of AI generated models

  • AI-powered virtual fitting rooms
  • Personalized fashion recommendations

Recommended Tools for AI generated models


Introduction to AI generated models

What are AI-generated models?

AI-generated models are digital representations of human figures, created using artificial intelligence algorithms. These virtual models are used in various aspects of the fashion industry, from designing clothing to showcasing products.

What are AI models commonly used for?

AI models for virtual try-on

Some AI-generated models are designed to wear and showcase clothing items. Fashion designers and brands can use these digital models to virtually “try on” clothes, making it easier to assess the look and fit of garments before production. In more specific words, AI models help designers place or replace a model in a garment, such as a dress, jacket, or even wigs.

placing an garment on a digital woman figure
Source: Tech Crunch

AI models for clothing design

AI assists in the design process by generating unique patterns, color combinations, and styles based on historical data and current trends. This enables designers to create innovative and appealing clothing items.

AI tools for clothing designs
Source: The Business of Fashion

AI for kids’ wear designs

AI-generated models are versatile and can be tailored to represent various demographics. In the kids’ wear segment, AI helps in designing child-friendly and age-appropriate clothing. Additionally, AI-generated models also eliminate the need for kids model, which would address ethical concerns and allow more children to enjoy childhood.

Benefits of using AI-generated models

For the fashion e-commerce industry

1. Physical product display

eCommerce platforms can display products more realistically with AI models, providing customers with a better understanding of how clothes fit and look.

2. Cut cost and save time

By eliminating the need for human models and extensive photoshoots, brands save money on model fees and photoshoot expenses. When the time to market is limited and competition is fierce, reducing time on coordinating with models or modeling agencies would be a crucial point for small businesses to succeed.

3. Faster Product Iteration

Using AI generated models speeds up the product renewing cycle, allowing brands to release new collections more frequently, keeping up with rapidly changing fashion trends.

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For the fashion design industry

1. Environmental sustainability

AI reduces waste by minimizing the need for physical samples and extensive fabric testing, making fashion production more eco-friendly.

2. Enhanced personalization

Digital models enable brands to provide personalized shopping experiences, suggesting products that match customers’ preferences and body types.

3. Drive innovation

AI-powered design and trend analysis empower fashion designers to explore new creative avenues and stay ahead of the competition.

Real-world examples of how AI is used in fashion

AI generated clothing models

The application of AI clothing models in the fashion industry is rapidly transforming the way fashion brands operate, creating immersive experiences, and driving innovation. The Fabricant, for instance, is a pioneering digital fashion house that exclusively produces digital clothing. Their innovative approach allows brands to reduce waste by creating and showcasing entirely virtual clothing collections. Their work has been used in marketing campaigns, fashion shows, and virtual showrooms.

AI-powered virtual fitting rooms

Many eCommerce platforms in the fashion industry have adopted AI models to create virtual fitting rooms. A prime example is the implementation of this technology by major fashion retailers like Zara and ASOS. These platforms allow customers to see how clothing items fit on AI-generated models with various body types and sizes. This interactive experience significantly enhances the online shopping process, increasing customer confidence in making the right fashion choices.

Personalized fashion recommendations

AI models are instrumental in delivering personalized fashion recommendations. A case in point is Stitch Fix, an online styling service that uses AI models to understand individual customer preferences and body shapes. By analyzing customers’ style preferences and previous choices, Stitch Fix provides tailored fashion selections, ensuring that customers receive clothing that suits their unique tastes and fits perfectly.

Recommended tools for AI generated models – Best for Ecommerce Product Photos

vmake's homepage with various ai generated models of different genders, ages and skin tones

For eCommerce businesses seeking an efficient and appealing way to showcase their clothing products, is a top choice. This AI tool excels in creating AI-generated models that are perfectly suited for product photos. With, you can place clothing items on realistic virtual models, offering customers an enhanced shopping experience. It’s a game-changer for eCommerce platforms, allowing them to display products with impeccable accuracy.

Pricing: From $3.99 / month. Free trial available. – Best for Design Innovation

If you’re a fashion designer looking to push the boundaries of creativity, resleeve is the tool you’ve been waiting for. This AI tool specializes in generating cutting-edge designs, patterns, and styles. By leveraging resleeve, you can explore innovative avenues in clothing design. It analyzes trends, combines historical data, and offers a plethora of design possibilities, making it an indispensable companion for designers looking to stay ahead of the fashion curve.

Pricing: $19 / month. Freemium available. – Best for Fashion Prototyping

For fashion brands and designers keen on streamlining the prototyping phase, should be a familiar brand. This AI tool is tailored for fashion prototyping, allowing you to bring your creative ideas to life quickly. Whether you’re working on new collections or fine-tuning designs, offers efficient virtual modeling for your clothing items, reducing costs and production time while ensuring that your designs meet the highest standards of quality and style.

Price: €600/month. Freemium available.


AI-generated models are at the forefront of innovation in the fashion and eCommerce industry. They streamline processes, reduce costs, and offer countless benefits for both industries. By using AI in clothing design, advertising, and marketing, the industry is taking a significant step towards a more sustainable and innovative future. As AI technology continues to evolve, it’s essential for businesses to embrace it and stay ahead of the curve in the ever-changing world of fashion.