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Replace the current image background with AI-generated pictures from your own prompts or choose from templates.

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How to change an image's background?

Step 1

Upload an image

Select the image you wish to edit and upload it to Vmake's background changer tool. The advanced algorithms will instantly remove the existing background provide a clean canvas for further customization.

Step 2

Customize the background

After the original image is processed, enter your own prompts to generate a custom background, or choose a template directly from background library.

Step 3

Download and enjoy

You can now save the image if you are satisfied with the results. However, if you need further adjustments, don't worry! You can experiment with different variations as many times as you like, completely free of charge.

Why use it?

Cost and time efficiency

Instead of conducting elaborate photoshoots or hiring professional designers, you can achieve high-quality results in minutes. The convenience of this tool allow you to focus on other aspects of your business, while still delivering visually compelling content.

Cohesive visual storytelling

By selecting backgrounds that match your brand values, or communicate specific messages, you can tell a compelling story through your visuals. This approach creates an emotional connection with your audience and enhances brand recall.

Enhance social engagement

Images with well-curated backgrounds tend to grab attention while scrolling through social media feeds. Images that stand out from the crowd are more likely to increase engagement, it not only expands your brand's reach but also generates valuable word-of-mouth promotion.


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