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Transform AI product photography with fully automated precision. Create professional, appealing AI background in seconds.

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How to create AI product photography in seconds?

Step 1

Upload an image

Select the product photo you wish to edit and upload it to the editor. The algorithms will automatically remove the image background to provide a clean canvas.

Step 2

Customize the background

After the background removal, the AI product photography tool will automatically match the object with a background style, or you can choose a product photography style from the background templates.

Step 3

Download images

Click "Generate" to proceed with the background generation. Download any AI product photography you like.

Why use it?

Cost and time efficiency

Instead of creating physical product photography or hiring professional studio, you can get high-quality photos in minutes. The convenience of the AI product photography allows you to deliver visually compelling content, with a fraction of time spent on photoshoot.

Cohesive visual storytelling

By selecting AI background that match your brand values, or communicate specific messages, you can tell a compelling story through your photography. This approach creates an emotional connection with your audience and enhances brand recall.

The background of a shampoo bottle is replaced by ai background changer.

Enhance social engagement

Photos with well-curated background tend to grab attention while scrolling through social media feeds. Images that stand out from the crowd are more likely to increase engagement, it not only expands your brand's reach but also generates valuable word-of-mouth promotion.


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