Image Uncrop

Adjust aspect ratio or dimensions of your original image to expand the image background, reveal more details and enhance visual impact.

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Click or drop to upload, paste files or URL. Up to 1 files at a time.

Support: .png, .jpg, .jpeg

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How to outpaint / uncrop an image?

Step 1

Upload an image

Open images of any aspect ratio in the Image Uncrop tool and locate it anywhere in the canva.

Step 2

Choose the size

Move your image anywhere within the given canva. You can choose from the right sidebar to get the right aspect ratio, you can also adjust the edges of the canva to customize your editing space.

Step 3

Generate and save

After you get the right canva size, click "Generate". After AI processes your images, it will offer 4 options for you to choose from. Choose the one you really like and save the HD or SD version!

Why use it?

Adjust image ratio

Image outpainting ensures your visuals meet specific platform requirements, fitting seamlessly into feeds or custom dimensions for featured posts, guaranteeing aesthetic appeal.

Imagine beyond borders

Expanding the borders of your images not only opens up new possibilities for enhancing the storytelling of your visuals, but also create a more unique and immersive narrative.

A bottle placed in the middle of flowers, grass and the background is blue sky, a resulting image of image uncrop feature.

Increased Social Engagement

Eye-catching visuals have a significant impact on engagement and conversions. Image outpainting grabs attention, increases the likelihood of social media interactions, and encourages viewers to explore your products further.


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