AI Fashion Model

Use product images on mannequins or ghost mannequin images to generate on-model professional photoshoots from scratch.

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How to generate AI models from mannequins?

Step 1

Choose your images

For optimal results, select images that showcase the product's natural colors and textures. We recommend using pictures with live models or mannequins.

Step 2

Select your models

We offer a wide range of AI models of various skin tones, body shapes and hair colors. Choose up to 4 models from the AI model library according to your specific needs.

Step 3

Generate and download

After selection, click Generate and BAM - your AI modeling photoshoot will be ready to use. Download any images you like.

Why use it?

Visual merchandising

AI-generated models offer unparalleled convenience for ecommerce and fashion studios. Instead of arranging photoshoots with real models, AI-generated models can showcase your fashion products virtually.

Cost-effective marketing

Reduce the cost associated with traditional photoshoots significantly. AI-generated models offer a budget-friendly solution without compromising on the quality of your product visuals.

A young male model generated by AI fashion model generator, from an image of mannequin to a vivid human model with realistic lighting and street view background.

Boost sales and conversion

Showcasing your fashion products and presenting them in a relatable manner will enable customers to envision your products and offer a more immersive shopping experience, which ultimately drives higher conversion.


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