AI Fashion Model for Mannequin

Generate AI fashion models for fashion ecommerce or 3D fashion design. Take apparel photos on mannequins and change skin tone, age, expression and body size with ease!

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How to generate AI models from mannequins?

Step 1

Choose your images

For optimal results, select images that showcase the product's natural colors and textures. We recommend using pictures with live models or mannequins.

Step 2

Select your models

We offer a wide range of AI models of various skin tones, body shapes and hair colors. Choose up to 4 models from the AI model library according to your specific needs.

Step 3

Generate and download

After selection, click Generate and BAM - your AI modeling photoshoot will be ready to use. Download any images you like.

Why use it?

Visual merchandising

AI-generated models offer unparalleled convenience for ecommerce and fashion studios. Instead of arranging photoshoots with real models, AI-generated models can showcase your fashion products virtually.

Cost-effective marketing

Reduce the cost associated with traditional photoshoots significantly. AI-generated models offer a budget-friendly solution without compromising on the quality of your product visuals.

A young male model generated by AI fashion model generator, from an image of mannequin to a vivid human model with realistic lighting and street view background.

Boost sales and conversion

Showcasing your fashion products and presenting them in a relatable manner will enable customers to envision your products and offer a more immersive shopping experience, which ultimately drives higher conversion.


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