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Conversion Rate
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Vmake AI Flatlay to Model Generator - Go from flatlay photos to realistic human models with AI | Product Hunt

Featured AI Tools

AI Fashion Model StudioA diverse range of digital models tailored for eCommerce fashion enterprises and apparel brands. Bulk-create models showcasing various poses, styles, and garments from mannequin photographs with ease.
AI Product PhotographyTransform product photo editing with AI-generated backgrounds. From dreamy landscapes to imaginary worlds, create a consistent brand presence and make your product photos stand out!

Accelerate Business Growth by 10X

Per 100 Product Photos Created

Traditional Solution

Traditional Solution

Vmake Solution

Vmake Solution

Talent Acquisition
Costly casting processes and negotiations with modeling agencies or individual freelancers
Ready-for-use AI models, with adjustable skin tones and body types
Professional Studio
Scouting for indoor and outdoor venues, obtaining permits, managing transportation and setup
Various AI-generated scenes ranging from simple studio to fancy commercial venues
Handling schedules and logistics for the creative team, wardrobe styling, equipment rentals, and accommodation
Create professional photoshoots with a lean team
Photo Turnaround
Hiring professional photography crews, communicating visual needs and coordinating post-production workflow
One-click generation of product photography and backdrops
Total Consumption

Approximately 5-10 weeks

Costs up to $10K+

Photos ready within hoursPhotos ready within hours

From only $19.99From only $19.99

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Up your e-commerce game with Vmake mobile app. Capture shots of your products on your phone and let Vmake handle the rest - from batch editing to seamless synchronization with your web app.[for small screen]

AI Generated Model Studio For Mobile

Up your e-commerce game with Vmake mobile app. Capture shots of your products on your phone and let Vmake handle the rest - from batch editing to seamless synchronization with your web app.

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What our users are saying about us...

Tran Q.'s avatar

Tran Q.

Ecommerce Content Manager

I was blown away by Vmake's AI backdrop. Very simple process - just upload and I got a matching background automatically. I like that they provide different styles and categories, which offer endless possibility while keeping the same overall brand style. Keep up the excellent work guys!

Olivia C.'s avatar

Olivia C.

Content Solutions

I can't believe how Vmake has simplified our product photography process. The AI-generated models and background changes make our e-commerce images look like they belong in a high-end fashion magazine. Thank you, Vmake!

Carlos R.'s avatar

Carlos R.

Senior Product Manager

Vmake is the ultimate solution for e-commerce. The AI tools, especially the AI model generator and video enhancer, are top-notch. It's incredibly user-friendly, and it has taken our online store's visuals to the next level.

Ben T.'s avatar

Ben T.

Marketing Coordinator

As a small brand, Vmake has made a world of difference. We can now compete with bigger players in the market. It's a godsend for businesses like ours! Can't wait to see what you guys will roll out in the future!