Image Color Changer

Effortlessly recolor your clothing items online with AI. Quickly segment and recolor apparel for a vibrant, customizable e-commerce catalog.


How to change clothes color with AI?

Step 1

Upload your image

Upload clear photos of your clothes and select solid-colored items for the best results.

Step 2

Select items

The clothing area for color change will be automatically masked, you can also make some adjustments to avoid affecting other image parts.

Step 3

Change and download

Use the color selection tool to change the color of the aforementioned areas. When you're happy with the color adjustment, save your image.

Why use it?

Personalized customization

Customize the color of their clothing according to your preferences and needs, making it more in line with your brand style and enhancing the uniqueness and personalization of the garments.

Any clothes, any color

The Image Color Changer tool allows you to simply choose a color from the color palette, and the AI will apply the new color seamlessly. This ease of use enables you to quickly and efficiently showcase your products in a variety of colors, enhancing your catalog and attracting more customers.

A young male model generated by AI fashion model generator, from an image of mannequin to a vivid human model with realistic lighting and street view background.

Precise detection of multiple objects

Whether it's shirts, dresses, or any other clothing item, Vmake's Recolor tool can accurately identify different garments in your images. This ensures that color changes are applied only to the intended items, maintaining the integrity of your designs and providing a seamless user experience.


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