Upcycle with Vestuá: Revolutionizing Second-Hand Fashion with AI

January 4, 2024



Chile & Mexico


Fashion and Apparel

Utilizing Vmake AI has significantly enhanced Vestuá’s business outcomes:

  • Achieved a 21% increase in the 7-day turnover rate.
  • Realized a 30% improvement in operational output.
  • Enhanced product quality by reducing the need for fine-tuning through AI, thereby simplifying the process of releasing new products.
  • Established consistency and reliability in daily operations, proving to be a game-changer for a business that thrives on novelty and frequent updates. Now, everything is under their control.

In 2018, Vestuá fully embraced the clothing sector, successfully integrating a new habit into users’ lives. Backed by giants like H&M (Vestuá was the first company they invested in Latin America), Vestuá expanded to Mexico last year, with plans for gradual global growth. Specializing in technology for reusing fashion, Vestuá excels in processing vast quantities of items into sellable products.

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Vestuá Team

Previous Workflows and Issues

Before implementing AI, Vestuá faced challenges with the reliability of using real human models. Despite the theoretical quality advantage, operational inconsistency arose due to issues with size matching and model availability. The risk of models not showing up daily introduced operational instability. Even though each model had specific sizes, the daily goals of individuals led to overlooking size matching, resulting in inefficient operations.

Recognizing the complexity of their process and the need for streamlined operations, their experimented with AI. The use of flattened garments instead of models was an attempt to simplify, but it created challenges for customers in understanding clothing fit. Additionally, image quality issues were prevalent, as fashion sales are not just about products but also about invoking customer desire.

Discovering Vmake

A Google search led to a recently published blog post about Vmake fashion AI models, prompting an immediate trial. The AI model demonstrated remarkable reliability, offering realistic interpretations even with imperfect images.

We actually reviewed many options, at least eight other vendors. We do some pilots with some of them. And it’s funny because by far the most reliable one was Vmake and it was made without any sort of customization.

– Santiago, Vestuá Co-Founder

Integration Process

Integrating Vmake’s API was a seamless experience for Vestuá. The responsive and helpful Vmake team played a significant role in this smooth transition, enabling full-scale operation within just four weeks. The actual use was straightforward and error-tolerant, even accommodating incorrect image uploads with ease.

It was very easy to integrate the API. The documentation was pretty straightforward.

– Santiago, Vestuá Co-Founder


Vestuá’s partnership with Vmake has not only streamlined their operations but has also elevated their brand in the competitive world of fashion e-commerce. By embracing AI technology, they’ve managed to maintain the essence of fashion that their customers crave, while significantly boosting their efficiency and market presence.

Vmake highly skilled and efficient development team has been a pleasure to collaborate with… In this case, the Vmake team has consistently proven to be reliable and satisfying whenever assistance is needed.

– Santiago, Vestuá Co-Founder

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