Leading with Innovation: The New Era of eCommerce Through AIGC

January 3, 2024





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About Shoplazza

Shoplazza was founded in Canada back in 2017, as a leading e-commerce solutions provider dedicated to providing one-stop e-commerce solutions to customer’s worldwide. The company is known for their advanced technology and innovative solutions that help their clients grow their business by constantly setting trends in the industry.

Shoplazza has grown to serve 360K customer’s, 500+ partners, 150+ countries and regions, and 1.5 billion + consumers. They strongly believe that technology drives growth, and sees AIGC as one of the key factors driving the e-commerce industry, hopes to integrate AI technology to help customers improve user experience, optimize operational efficiency, and continue to innovate to meet the ever-changing market demands.

Collaborative Opportunity

Shoplazza’s recognition of the potential value of Artificial Intelligence for Image Processing (AIGC) prompted them to look for a partner who could jointly drive innovation in the industry.

After a rigorous technology comparison and performance evaluation, they focused on Vmake’s technological strengths, which not only excelled in image processing accuracy, but also demonstrated excellent learning capabilities and adaptability. Its unique algorithms and advanced deep learning techniques enable it to perform exceptionally well in processing e-commerce images.Vmake is not only a technological leader, but also easily and seamlessly integrates with Shoplazza.

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Industry Innovation

The partnership between Shoplazza and Vmake is not only an inevitable choice to follow the market trend, but also to jointly promote the innovation of the e-commerce industry and localized intelligent innovation in the local market.

Through a deep understanding of local consumers’ shopping preferences and culture, the two companies have jointly created an AI image solution for the e-commerce industry, which not only provides our clients with innovative tools and strategies, but also brings a smarter and more personalized form of business to the entire industry. This innovative initiative also provides more effective localized sales strategies, achieving the goal of reducing costs and increasing efficiency, as well as improving the user experience.

Customer Value

The core objective of the partnership is to address the increasingly complex markets and challenges by providing innovative technologies and services that together support merchants in all aspects of their business and help customers create more business opportunities and sustainable growth.

Providing innovative AI solutions while hoping to create core and effective services for customers. Support e-commerce clients in localization, technology, efficiency and long-term growth in the partnership.


Shoplazza’s partnership with Vmake is more than just an industry innovation, it goes deeper than that, it’s a true reflection of our dedication to each and every one of our clients.

We know that the success of our customers is the ultimate validation of our cooperation and the goal we strive for together. We eagerly look forward to working hand in hand with our clients to create a more prosperous and innovative era in the e-commerce field.

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